Brisk lamb trade at Cutcombe takes prices to 195p/kg

Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions received a stronger entry of 726 sheep at Cutcombe Market with a quality showing of stock in each category. Lambs sold to an overall average of 185.85p/kg with a brisk trade taking the best to a peak of 195p/kg for 41kg lambs from Messrs M J and D M Stanbury, Coombe Farm.

Light weights took a top call at £71.80 for 38kg lambs from Mr R Webber, Hindon Farm and heavies reached £85.80 for 47kg lambs from Mr C Stevens, Knapp Cottage and the overweight lambs at 56kg made a top price of £85 for Musgrave, Kings Mead Farm.

Store lambs were in shorter supply with a good demand for the animals forward which sold to an average of £53.40 and peaked for a pen from Miss P Marke, Middleton Court which realised £56.50.

Cull ewes were in larger numbers with some better quality sheep forward and sold to an average of £68.20 and a peak of £93 for a pen of stronger sorts from Messrs R and M F Rottenbury and Son, Oxenleaze.

Rams were also well sold and attained an average of £84 with a peak of £103 for a Ram from Mr B Westcott, West Ley Farm.