British Seed Houses changes its name

Agricultural seeds business British Seed Houses, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Germinal Holdings Limited, has been re-named Germinal Seeds GB with effect from today (2 December 2013).

The change has been made to clarify its position as a part of the Germinal Holdings group. Managing director William Gilbert (pictured), says the move is a reflection of the group’s progress and is particularly relevant to the global positioning of the group.

“Germinal Holdings’ interests now extend well beyond the British Isles, with seed production, research and development leading to significant sales taking place as far afield as New Zealand but also throughout Europe and across other continents,” he explains. “There are clear advantages in adopting a common name across our businesses, for consistency but also to convey common standards and aspirations.

“Our staff, customers, suppliers and partners of British Seed Houses will see no change other than the new name of Germinal Seeds GB. We will also continue to place the majority of our grass seed production in Britain as it offers significant advantages to us in quality control.”

Concurrently with the change of British Seed Houses to Germinal Seeds GB, the Northern Ireland subsidiary Samuel McCausland Ltd has become Germinal Seeds NI.

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