Bryncir Auction Centre celebrates 10th anniversary with store sale

Bryncir Auction Centre celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a Show and Sale of Store Cattle.


A catalogued entry of 374 saw prices average at to £1,069.64 for Steers and £989.28 for Heifers.

Auctioneer Mr John Huw Hughes commented that the highest prices achieved post foot and mouth in 2002 were £682 for Steers and £570 for Heifers compared to £1,690 for Steers and £1,410 for Heifers at this sale. This highlighted the confidence in the industry and how the live auction system has played such an important part in maintaining a competitive market place for the industry, he said.


The overall champion was Mr Alun Elias, Hendre Cennin, with his 22 month old British Blue X Steer which was later sold for £1,500. Mr Elias went on to sell 24 Steers to average £1,303.54 peaking at £1,690.


Class winners were as follows:-

Junior Steer

1st     AC & DT Hughes, Brychyni, Llangybi with a 10m Charolais X

2nd   A W Hughes, Bryn Hudfa with an 11m old Sim sold for £940


Intermediate Steer

1st Alun Elias, Hendre Cennin, Garndolbenmaen with a 17m Char sold for £1,260

2nd G D Roberts, Llystyn Ganol, Garndolbenmaen with a 17m Lim sold for £1,275


Senior Steer:

1st A Elias, Hendre Cennin with a 23m B/Blue sold for £1,500

2nd A Elias with a 21m Lim sold for £1,490


Junior Heifer

1st E Edwards, Bryn Celyn, Dinas Mawddwy with an 11m B/Blue sold for £1,080

2nd R W Owen, Rhwngddwyryd, Garndolbenmaen with an 8m Charolais


Intermediate Heifer

1st A Elias with a 17m Charolais sold for £1,255


Senior Heifer

1st A Elias with a 22m  B/Blue X sold for £1,070

2nd Mr A V Roberts, Derwin Fawr, Bryncir with a 23m Lim sold for £1,200