Busy cattle trade at Lancaster sale

A busy trade was seen at Friday’s NWA Lancaster cattle trade when 650 head passed through the rings.

Store cattle was slightly easier trade with a plainer show of cattle, but a large show of Black and White cattle forward. The day’s trade topped at £1,570 with a British Blue steer from TE JS and SA Carruthers of Red Scar. Angus steers topped at £1,530 from R Escolme of Ivy Barn. Heifers sold to £1,240 from R and C Parkinson with a Charolais.

Bulls topped at £1,210 from Brian Carter with a pure bred Limousin. Black and whites sold to £1,190 from L Parsons and Sons from Low Levens which was closely followed by J Lamb of Old Glasson selling Black and Whites to £1,120.

OTM and Cast Cattle
An entry of 145 OTM and Cast Cattle sold to an average of 120p/kg with the majority of cattle forward being dairy cows straight out of the parlour. The top price of the day was for a 25 month old Shorthorn Bull from GM and R Whitaker of Goose Green. Heifers topped at 191.5p/kg from Richard Oldfield of Brow Foot Farm with a 34 month old Angus. Cast cows selling to 189.5pp/kg for a Blonde Cow from JJ Woof and Sons of Millbeck.

Calves & Stirks
An entry of nearly 50 calves and stirks today saw calves sell to a very similar trade if not slightly easier for Black and Whites with a few buyers missing due the busy sheep sales. British blue bulls sold to £370 from TE Kidd of Booth Hall selling to J and BL Ellis of Hawkrigg End. This was closely followed behind by B Butterfield and Son of Moss House Farm selling a 15 day old Blue bull to J Towson of Whitebirk Moss Farm for £298.

British Blue heifers sold to £325 from T & E Kidd of Booth Hall for a 2month old heifer selling to J and BL Ellis of Hawkrigg End. One month old British Blue heifers sold to £290 from David Wallbank of Tills farm. Black and White bulls twice sold to £120 from C & G Birkett of Nether Bank Farm and DW Cottam of Hagg Farm.

(North West Auctions)