Cabbage season has come to an end for Julian Ellis

Good progress is being made with the dry weather jobs but sadly the list of wet weather ones seems to be growing out of control, including plenty to do in the office.

We have recently tried to get a licence allowing us to buy some heifers from another farm under TB restrictions, but it’s not so straightforward. The two holdings are not under similar restrictions because we have had one clear test.

The cabbage season has come to an end for us now. Initially it looks as though it was a reasonable season. Unfortunately the profit probably won’t be enough to buy a place at David Cameron’s dinner table. A real shame because I think I would take the opportunity to address the issue of the impending tax on our local delicacy, the pasty.

David, our new work man, seems to be settling in so far with everybody. The idea of taking on another member of staff was to be able to keep on top of things and allow the senior partner to ease up a little. So far it has had the opposite effect, with dad insistent on going flat out to show how it’s done.

I must not mock the mature too much, as I was recently reminded I am not getting any more alert when I realised that my sore foot had stemmed from a new pair of wellies that I had been wearing for a week before I discovered they were odd sizes.

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