Calves top £2600 at autumn show and sale

Prices were strong at United Auctions (Huntly) show and sale of spring born calves, which saw prices top at £2,600 or 881p/kg for the champion homebred Black Lim X Heifer weighing 295kg from Gordon Carroll, Edendiack, Gartly.


In reserve the red Limousin x bullock from P Duncan, Tulloch, Alford which was bred at Hillocks of Keig, scaled 300kgs and sold for £1400 or 424p/kg.


Both the champion pen of four bullocks and heifers were home bred Lim Xs from Gaich Farms Grantown on Spey with the bullocks scaling 342kgs selling at £835 or 244 p/ kg and the heifers weighing in at 360kgs selling at £760 of 211p per kg.


Bullocks (694) averaged 215.1p/kg up 29.9p/kg on the year and sold to 424 p/kg or £1400 for a Red Lim x from Tulloch Alford.

Heifers (481) averaged 198.6p up 31.5p/kg on the year and sold to 881 p/kg of £2600 for a Lim x from Edendiack Gartly