Cardona draft continues in strong vein

The draft from Robet Galloway’s Cardona herd is continuing to sell well, with a flurry of bids coming for Cardona Plaviot, a Jeremy Eric of Bridgefoot daughter resulting in a sale of 5500gns to Mr Wilson, Newbank.

Earlier, Cardona Black Barbara had made 2800gns. This one is by Lochdu Elfking and out of Cardona Black Barbara. And just after Plaviot Cardona Proud Isla sold for 3500gns to Orkney. Proud Isla sold with her heifer calf at foot by Eastfield Fusilier and is herself by Lockerley Eastern Cruz.

Then, another by the same name and this time by Lochdu Elfking made 3200gns to Newbank. Cardona Esmay, by Rawburn Transformer and out of Early Sunset Coalition sired Cardona Esmay made 3500gns.