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Cargill’s Diamond V feed range lifts livestock performance

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Cargill is a family-owned company with more than 150 years’ experience in developing food and feed ingredients. Cargill develops results-oriented nutritional solutions and feeding programmes, to help producers grow their business.

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Diamond V

Feed products designed to improve immunity, health and performance, Diamond V, now part of Cargill, has a world-leading range of fermentation products to support immunity performance and food safety in all animal species.

They produce important bioactive and metabolite compounds that work synergistically in animal diets.

Used in compound feeds, mineral packs and premixes, or sold directly to farms for local application, Diamond V is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health.

The Diamond V range is supported by species-specific trials, peer-reviewed results and, importantly, evidence-based work that showcases the success of products in commercial situations.

Innovation in the technology continues, and new fermentation products will be developed that are complementary to those already offered from Cargill.

Diamond V® ruminants

Diamond V XP™ and NutriTek® are exciting additions to the ruminant feed product portfolio.

By promoting rumen micro-organisms, the rumen environment and the intestine, Diamond V XP supports cattle health and performance.

Diamond V XP™ has a positive effect on dairy and beef cattle performance

This is shown in performance tests in dairy and beef cattle rations, in more than 400 field trials.

• Milk yield increase of 1.34kg/day
• Milk fat increase of 0.04%
• Feed efficiency increase by 6%

• Suckler cow colostrum Ig levels increase of 16%
• Daily milk yield increase of 28%
• Calf weaning weight increase of 4%
• Daily weight gain in finishing cattle increase of 100g a day and feed conversion rates by 2.8%

Nick Berni, Cargill Ruminant Additive Specialist, said: “Diamond V XP has a positive impact on the rumen environment and improves the pH and the activity of beneficial rumen micro-organisms.

It is proven to improve rumen health and feed digestibility in the rumen, and also in the small intestine via the fermentation products and bio-active compounds.

Included in transition and lactation diets, XP has been beneficial in diets with increased starch content from maize silage.

It promotes starch digestibility, increases the feed value of the forage and reduces the risk of metabolic issues.


Launched in 2018, NutriTek is a next generation fermentation product.

It is the most advanced nutritional health product for dairy cows and supports the rumen health and performance of cows throughout their milking life.

It reduces the risk of glucose being diverted into supporting the immune system, leaving more available for milk production.

NutriTek® has a positive effect on performance in dairy cows.

In trials across 25 herds, with more than 800 milking cows per herd, significant health and yield benefits were recorded where NutriTek was included in diets for at least 12 months:

  • Milk yield increased by 4kg/day in early lactation and 3kg/day in mid lactation
  • Post-calving dry matter intakes improved by 0.7kg/day
  • Reduced somatic cell count and improved udder health

“Transition cows and high-performance cows, where health and dry matter intakes are crucial, will benefit from rations containing NutriTek,” says Mr Berni.

“It will also promote extra immunity that can improve health and longer-term productivity.”

Diamond V® – Poultry

Poultry specialist Daniel Palcu welcomes the addition of Diamond V XP™ to Cargill’s poultry product range.

Daniel Palcu, Cargill Poultry Specialist: “It provides us with a comprehensive portfolio of feed products to tackle food safety, antibiotic resistance and performance in our layer and broiler flocks and for pullet and turkey units.

Diamond V products work naturally, with the biology of the bird, to help optimise its immune system and promote a healthy microbial balance.

These key factors will benefit production efficiency and health, and support antibiotic stewardship and food safety.

Diamond V XP™ has a positive effect on performance in poultry.

Trials have been carried out on several layer farms where the performance of birds with Diamond V XP included in their diets was compared with a control.

Positive results were recorded.


  • Feed conversion improvement of 5%
  • Egg production increase of 1.9%
  • Bird mortality reduction of 14.9%

The economics of using Diamond V XP was compared in eight commercial field trials with layers, using high and low feed costs, and proved to be cost-effective.


  • Egg production improved in 70% of trials by 4.4% overall
  • Hatchability improved in 88% of trials by 3.5% overall
  • Early embryonic mortality decreased in 66.7% of trials by 7.4%
  • Navel conditions (shown to reduce weight gain and increase mortality) improved in all trials by 13.7% overall

Research suggests that the potential to produce more chicks per breeder increases where Diamond V XP is included in diets.

More information about Diamond V is available from or call Cargill Animal Nutrition on 01845 578125.