Carlisle Limousin bull preview

As many have already suggested the catalogue for next week’s Limousin sale at Carlisle is of a higher standard than that for either the February or October sales. There are a number of bulls which look to have interesting pedigrees, how they’ll look in the flesh is of course another matter.

As ever this is just my pick from the paperwork available, so feel free to add your own selections below.

Right then here’s my first pick, it’s Ironstone Explorer (lot 14). This is a son of 42,000gns Vantastic and is out of 14,000gns Bailea Ugina, a daughter of noted French sire Requin. He has an impressive muscle score of +5.1, although his calving ease figure of -8 may be a concern for some.

Next pick for me is one from Andrew Proctor, Swarland Eric (lot 24), this is by Hartsideanew Boumsong the same sire as 10,000gns Swarland Eddie from February and is out of Swarland Tinkerbell, a Ronick Jawk daughter. He comes with a beef value of +28 and has two doses of Cannon in his back pedigree.

Following him I’ve picked a bull with a pedigree full of top sires, Heathmount Excelsior (lot 39) from the McKinney Brothers. Sired by Bailea Bullion, a Requin son, he is out of Heathmount Ray, a Hawk daughter, and has Greesnsons Gigolo, Cannon and Dauphin in his back lines. It’s quite a combination of top Limousin sires and he has a beef value of +28.

And Requin features in my next pick too, Bailea Eldistincivo (lot 45) from Brian Jones. This is by Requin himself and out of Bailea Shesflash, an Ocelot daughter and Gigolo granddaughter. He has a beef value of +42, with a muscle score of +6.2. Although his calving ease is -9.6.

My first pick from the Ridley family’s Haltcliffe herd is next, Haltcliffe Eubank (lot 57). Sired by 22,000gns Procters Commander, a Vermount son, he is out of Haltcliffe Angela, a Sympa daughter and Cannon granddaughter. His beef value is +32.

Then it’s on to a bull from the McKay family, Ampertaine Exlorer (lot 64). This one is by Ampertaine Abracadabra and out of Kype Tiffany, a Cloughhead Lord daughter. Giving that combination of Sympa and Lord which has worked well for many herds. He has a beef value of +27 and was also calf champion at the NI calf spectacular.

And sticking with Northern Irish breeders the next pick is Gorrycarm Eric from Stephen Reel (lot 75). This Vermount son is out of Honeylodge Ava, a Cloughhead Lord daughter and dam of 18,000gns Gorrycarm Diarra. This one comes with a beef value of +33, but a calving value of -8.6.

Then I’m back with the Ridleys and Haltcliffe Epstein (lot 81). This one is a Sympa son out of Haltcliffe Beauty, a Cloughhead Umpire daughter out of a full sister to Vermount, Haltcliffe Venus. He has a beef value of +37.

High figures and consistent breeding from Bruce Goldie have drawn my eye next in the form of Goldies Emperor (lot 84). Sired by Ampertaine Bravo, he is out of Goldies Vitality, dam of 23,000gns Goldies Comet and £26,000 Goldies Classic. He has a mighty beef value of +50 and a muscle depth of +7.6.

Next with a mark against in my catalogue is one from Glyn Vaughan, Dolcorsllwyn Edi (lot 89). This is another son of Vantastic and is out of Dolcorsllwyn Poshspice, a Cannon daughter. She is a full sister to the dam of 32,000gns sire Dolcorsllwyn Brynmor. He sells with a beef value of +39

It’s a dose of Wilodge breeding that I’ve picked next with Wilodge Easyrider (lot 94) from Christine Williams and Paul Tippetts my next choice. This Haltcliffe Underwriter son is out of Wilodge Vavanelle, a full sister to Vantastic. Easyrider is a three quarter brother to Wilodge Enrico, sold earlier this year for £30,000. He has a beef value of +39.

There’s one for the show calf breeders next on my list in the form of Easegillhead Exterminate (lot 101) from Lambing Live stars the Marston family. This is a son of noted calf breeder Rossignol and is out of Easegillhead Tina, a daughter of another good calf breeder Goldies Oswald.

It’s a fairly big jump forward to my next choice and it’s a black one, Goldies Black Entrepreneur (lot 143). He is by Ampertaine Bravo and out of Goldies Vanilla, an SLVL Beef daughter. His granddam, SLVL Dutchess Olivia is of course the granddam of both Bailea Black BMW and Goldies Black Denver. He has a strong beef value of +49 and a muscle score of +7.2.

Also of note in the blacks on offer will be Newhouse Black Excalibur (lot 141) one of the first blacks from the Adam family to be offered in Carlisle. He has a beef value of +45 and is by Tamarvalley Boscastle and is maternal half brother to 12,000gns Newhouse Black Billy.

On from there I’ve picked out a Vantastic son from Paul Dawes, Dinmore Emporium (lot 163). He is out of 17,000gns dam Fleethill Sal which is also dam of Dinmore Bandit, 28,000gns and Dinmore Bentley, 9000gns, so could be one to watch.

The first bull to be offered by 23,000gns Goldies Comet is my next choice, it will be interesting to how he’s bred. This one is Maraiscote Elliot (lot 167) from John Nimmo. His dam is Maraiscote Camelia, a Normande Urquhart daughter, and he has a more than decent beef value of +48.

And after that is another first, this time the first Queenshead Altea son to be offered in the UK, Baileys Finalist (lot 174) forward from Mark Phillips. He is out of Baileys Countess, a Hawk daughter and it will be intriguing to see how 52,000gns Altea has bred.

Sticking with the same theme of first is a run of calves by 50,000gns Wilodge Cerberus forward from Alan Jenkinson’s Whinfellpark herd. With nine entered by Cerberus I’m not going to pick any one of them in particular, but I’m sure there’ll be some gems among them.

My final pick is Emslies Figaro (lot 225) from Harry Emslie and Lynwen Evans. Sired by well muscled 28,000gns Procters Commander, the highest priced Vermount son sold to date, he is out of Ballymoney Utopia, a Ferry daughter and has a beef value of +38 and carries a muscle score of +7.1. He was a first prize winner at the Stars of the Future Calf Show, Forfar.

So, that about wraps it up from me, it’s over to you for your comments and selections, we’ll see you in Carlisle next week……