Carlisle Limousin embryo and semen report

After the long drive home last night – apologies to those comments I’ve not replied to yet, I’ll get to them in due course – here is a quick report on the embryos and semen sold on Friday evening after the female sale.

Leading the embryos at 1200gns each were a pair from Bruce Goldie, these were Vantastic x Goldies Vitality, the same combination as 22,000gns Goldies Comet and £26,000 private sale Goldies Classic. They sold to an undisclosed buyer.

Making 1100gns was a single Broadmeadows Cannon x Wilodge Littlegem embryo from Paul Dawes. Cannon needs no introduction and Littlegem is an Epatent daughter which Paul bought for 11,000gns in 2004.

At 700gns apiece were a pair of Vantastic x Java, also from Bruce Goldie. These again sold to an undisclosed buyer. At the same money was a pair of Goldies Terence x Java from Bruce Goldie, these sold to an overseas buyer.

Next best at 620gns each were a pair of Haltcliffe Vermount x Wilodge Priceless embryos from Paul Dawes. Vermount is of course the record priced bull at 100,000gns, while Priceless was bought privately for £26,000 and is daughter of Wilodge Littlegem and Broadmeadows Cannon. Buying these were myself and Chrissie as the starting point for a future herd.

Paul Dawes then sold a pair of Hawk x Wilodge Littlegem embryos at 500gns each to Mike and Sarah Potter, Hannem. At the same price was a single Vantastic x Fleethill Sal embryo from Paul Dawes which was bought by Paul Cairns, Plumtree. Sal was one of the Dinmore herd’s early successes, picking up a number of show titles.

Topping the semen sale were Objat straws which made 700gns each, with two batches of Dauphin making 450gns and 400gns respectively. Mad Du Clo straws sold for 150gns on twice, while Cannon made the same money, another batch of Cannon sold for 130gns and Vantastic straws made 110gns each.