Carlisle Limousin intermediate class and championship results

Apologies for the slight delay in results today I’ve been struggling with a few technical problems. However, we’re back on a going again now, so here are the rest of the intermediate class results.

In class 10 the winner was Dolcorsllwyn Edi (lot 89), this is by Wilodge Vantastic and out of Dolcorsllwyn Poshspice, second was Procters Encore (lot 97) and third was Eves Executive (lot 102).

Then in class 11 the win went to Lynerg Emperor (lot 115), he’s by Haltcliffe Underwriter and out of Palmira. Second to him was Procters Explosive (lot 113) and third was Eves Earle (lot 104).

Taking class 12 top honours was Bankdale Exfactor (lot 123), this is a son of Vantastic again and out of Bankdale Alice. In second here was Homebyres Ericson (lot 127) and third was Gunnerfleet Escape (lot 120).

In class 13 the winner was Craigatoke Emperor (lot 134) a Haltcliffe Braveheart son out of Craigatoke Bluebell, then in second was Craigatoke Epsom (lot 142) and in third was Ronick Enjoy (lot 130).

Taking the honours in class 14 was Ballinloan Ebay (lot 147), this is yet another by Vantastic and out of Ballinloan Babe. Second spot was filled by Millbrow Elvis (lot 157) and third was Dyfri Elijah (lot 152).

Then came the intermediate championship which was won by Bankdale Exfactor (lot 123) from Gordon Wilson, this is a son of Vantastic and out of Bankdale Alice, a Sympa daughter. In reserve here was the second bull from the same class, Homebyres Ericson (lot 127), this is by Homebyres Arnott and out of Homebyres Beauty, a Homebyres Visitor daughter.