Carlisle Lims 2013: Intermediate bull class results


Class 6 Bulls born between 05/01/11 and 06/05/11

Champion: A G Howie’s Knock Black Glencoe by Greenhaigh Europa and out of Knock Dolly

Reserve: Niall Quinn’s Killydun Ginger by Ampertaine Abracadabra and out of Lynderg Elana


Class 7 Bulls born between 07/05/11 and 13/05/11

Champion: Stephen J Nixon’s Huntershall Gladiator by Rossingnol and out of Huntershall Dancer. Gladiator is a long, clean, correct bull with exceptional muscling.

Reserve: A W Watson’s Saunders Gavin by Saunders Dimitri and out of Saunders Bethany


Class 8 bulls born between 14/05/11 and 18/05/11

Champion: P J and E Henshall’s Ringway Granite by Fieldson Alfy and out of Ringway Collette

Reserve: Christine Williams and D A Williams’ Wilodge Gatsby by Loosebeare Diego and out of Nouvelle Sophia


Class 9 bulls born between 19/05/11 and 29/05/11

Champion: E S and E Norman’s Norman Gameboy by Norman Ebenezer and out of Norman Cola

Reserve: G L Hutton’s Cloughhead Guesswhat by Delicieux and out of Cloughhead Daphne


Class 10 bulls born between 30/05/11 and 09/06/11

Champion: PLumtree Limousin’s Plumtree Graidan by Plumtree Deus and out of Millington Concerto

Reserve: E S and E Norman’s Norman Gent by Coachhouse Duke and out of Stacey Redlady


Class 11 bulls born between 10/06/11 and 20/06/11

Champion: H McFarland’s Rahoney Geoffrey by Wildoge Cereberus and out of Rahnoney Abigail.

Reserve: E S and E Norman’s Norman Garrison by Heathmount Trojan and out of Norman Allsaint


Class 12 bull born between 21/06/11 and 01/07/11

Champion: E W Quick and Sons’ Loosebeare Gent by Sarkley Dafydd and out of Loosebeare Bracken

Reserve: S L Fotheringham’s Ballinloan Glencoe by Millgate Caesar and out of Ballinloan Sasha


Class 13 Bull born between 02/07/11 and 17/07/11

Champion: A and J Gammie’s Westpitt Graeme by Netherhall Double0seven and out of Greenwell Diana

Reserve: E W Quick and Sons’ Loosebeare Grinch by Rainbow Simon and out of Loosebeare Tatalie