Commercial dairy cows sell to 2,700gns at Sedgemoor

The dispersal of Chris and Sue Lane’s Oxfordshire-based Holstein generated a top price of 2,700gns at Sedgemoor yesterday. This price was paid by CS and JM Petheram of Highbridge, for the January second calver ‘Linlake E Shottle Joy’ giving 34kgs.

Next at 2,650gns was the Dutch bred 48kgs June second calver, who was purchased by PT Rawlings of Wincanton. At 2,050gns was ‘Wheatleys Janet 2nd’ an April second calver giving 47kgs and at 2,000gns was another June 2nd calver giving 41kgs. October Dutch bred calved heifers due again sold to 1,960gns and 1,900gns, purchased by John Colgrove of Cornwall.

Average: £1,426.91 (Greenslade Taylor Hunt).