Cornwall Show: Dairy class results

Dairy Cattle

Interbreed Treginegar Dairy Farm’s Ayrshire cow Pam Ayrs Dream Hawaii EX94;



RESIZETS 862011 RCS Dairy Champ.JPG reserve interbreed, Mr W H Ley and Partners’ Holstein cow Thuborough Shottle Leilani 2.


RESIZETS 862011 RCS Dairy Res Champ.JPG

(Pictures by Tim Scrivener)

Interbreed pairs Holstein; res, Ayrshire.

Jersey Mr M Davis’s cow Shellen Clayton Skips Prance; res, Mr B & Mrs J Ravenhill-White’s heifer Whitenhill Big Shows Jamaica.

Guernsey Mr & Mrs JM Jelbert’s cow Lower Keigwin Starsky 22; res, RJ Norman & Miss CE Mills’ heifer Blacknor Cracker Banger Margaret.

Holstein Mr W H Ley and Partners’ cow Thuborough Shottle Leilani 2; res, C B Cooper Partnership’s cow Noremead Knight Sume.

Ayrshire Treginegar Dairy Farm’s cow Pam Ayrs Dream Hawaii EX94; res, Mr MD Evans cow East Church Milkmaids Dorothy.