Cornwall show sheep and pig results

Here’s the sheep and pig listings from the Royal Cornwall Show.




Mr J Creeper’s Suffolk shearling ewe; res, Mr P Cornelius’s Scotch Black-Faced yearling ewe.

Interbreed Pairs

Texel; res, Charollais.

Grey Face Dartmoor

Mrs M Osborne’s ram; res, Mrs M Osborne’s yearling ewe.

Devon & Cornwall Longwool

Mrs P Coulter-Smith’s yearling ewe; res, Mrs P Coulter-Smith’s ram.

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset

WL & E Sandercock’s ram lamb; res, Mr AJ & Mrs AC Kingdon’s shearling ewe.

Hampshire Down

Mr M Adams’ ewe; res, Mr M Adams’ ram.


Mrs D Ruscombe-King’s shearling ewe; res, Mrs D Ruscombe-King’s ram lamb.

Scotch Black-Faced

Mr P Cornelius’s yearling ewe; res, Mr P Cornelius’s yearling ram.


Mr J Creeper’s shearling ewe; res, Mrs L Gregory’s ram lamb.


Mr C Ruby’s shearling ram; res, Mr SE Ley’s ram lamb.

British Charollais

Tredethy Farm’s shearling ewe; res, Messrs JTG & EG Sleep’s ram lamb.


Mr D & Mrs S Payne’s aged ram; res, Mrs L Gregory’s shearling ewe.

Border Leicester

Mr N Dalgarno’s aged ewe; res, Mrs SD Martyn’s aged ram.


The Banbury Family’s ewe; res, The Banbury Family’s ram lamb.


Mr RJ Hoadley’s aged ewe; res, Mr & Mrs BE Matheson’s shearling ewe.

Rare & Minority Breed

Mrs & Mrs GR Howarth’s Black Leicester Longwool ram; res, Mr & Mrs GR Howarth’s Manx Loghtan ewe.

Any Other Pure Native Breed

Mr N Dalgarno’s Bluefaced Leicester shearling ram; res, Mrs P Wills’ Ryeland ram lamb.


Mr SN Barbery’s British Charollais X ewe; res, Mr D & Mrs S Payne’s Beltex X shearling ewes.




WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s British Saddleback sow Endsleigh Rosette 103A; res,

Mr SJS Loveless’s Large White gilt Portbredy Jean 1805.

British Lop

Mr & Mrs J Collings’ sow Liskeard Sunshine 500th; res, Mr P Eustice’s boar Bezurrell General 7th.

British Saddleback

WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s sow Endsleigh Rosette 103A; res, Mr W Edwards & Miss A Thomas’s gilt Pantysgawen Dinah 6.

Gloucestershire Old Spot

Mrs P Darvill’s gilt Toller Muriel 540; res, WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s boar Endsleigh Rufus 2572.


Mr J Newth’s boar Prestcombe Uili 45; res, Mr J Newth’s gilt Prestcombe Doranda 4.


Mr A Collings’gilt Clowen Model 10th; res, WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s boar Edgcumbe Victor 2440.

Large White

Mr SJS Loveless’s gilt Portbredy Jean 1805; res, Mr J Newth’s boar  Prestleigh Prince 2.

Large Black

PG Snell & Sons’ sow Sock Skylark 12th; res, PG Snell & Sons’ gilt Sock Doreen 169th.


Mrs S Fildes’ sow Peverell Suzanne 4; res, Mr C Impey’s boar Fairoaks Peter Lad 3rd.

Middle White

Mr IAD Todd’s sow Smallicombe Fair Lady 17; res, Mr IAD Todd’s gilt Smallicombe Fair Lady.


AP & PC Rose’s gilt Maddaford Nancy 10; res, Mr SJS Loveless’s gilt Portbredy Torntofte 809.

Any Other Pure Breed

Master W Sully’s Kune Kune boar Quantock Tutaki VII; res, Master W Sully’s Kune Kune sow Quantock Sally VIII.