Could this week see the first £100 hogget

After hitting the heights of £96 last week, could this be the first week we see hoggets hit £100?

Well, according to everyone I’ve spoken to in recent days the answer is probably no. Despite the highs of last week, trade isn’t expected to jump too far this week and may even creep back a little.

However, store lambs followed their prime counterparts at the end of last week, with Texel cross stores making up to £68.50 and Suffolk crosses peaking at £67. No doubt the best of these would have been close to killing condition if not actually fit to kill, making them reasonably good value compared to the prime trade.

In the prime ring it is most certainly exports driving the current price rise and currency movements more than any other factor will determine just how quickly the £100 hogget is seen. But there’s one thing for sure, the trade will suffer a near collapse tomorrow just as I sell my last batch!!