Cows sell to 2,200gns at Sedgemoor sale

The popular collective fresh milk section of the monthly collective sales at Sedgemoor Auction Centre saw cows and heifers selling to 2,200gns.  The top priced cow was Bettiscombe Lucente Kim a 2nd calver classified GP84 and giving 48kgs daily from Roland and Simon Bugler. Their Bettiscombe entry achieved the day’s top average at £2,145 for their eight cows and heifers.

Beneknowle Deliverance Sunray 99th from P J Andrews was the top priced heifer who having calved on 30 October and was giving 34.5kgs. Other vendors who broke the 2,000gns barrier were I W Dimond, Ashlea Farm Services, R T Cox, W Green and Sons and R K and S K Miller and Sons.  

Incalf heifers sold to 1,500gns for Lilylane Priceless Anita 74th from A J Bennett and Sons and a July 2012 born heifer calf Baymead Colt Puttercrest from T E Pocock and Co sold to 660gns.

Averages: 10 Pedigree Cows, £1818.00; 33 Pedigree Heifers £1,975.00; 2 pedigree Incalf Heifers, £1564.5; 7 Commercial Incalf Heifers, £1170.00; 9 Served Heifers, £1008.00; 48 Heifers Calves, £404.00


The South Western Counties Shorthorn Breeders’ Association Annual Show and Sale was held on the same day with the Champion from Mr Roy Collins Hale Violet 27th (100%) a 4th calver by Bilbro Stephen selling for 1,500gns, other 4th calvers by Cotley Challenger Hale Wildeyes 25th sold to 1,300gns.  Heifer calves were in very strong demand selling to 510gns for a two week old daughter of Hauxwell Rose Duke.  

Incalf heifers sold to 1,050gns for Hale Filkins 74th (100%) for RF Collins and Pecketsford Premethium 4th from Mr Mark Tundley.

Dispersal Sales

G T and M A Heal sold their non-recorded loose yard dairy herd to top at 1,240gns for an August calved 3rd calver giving 25kgs and their four year old Hereford Bull Kiddles I Hyster sold for 1,450gns.

A N and J H Targett was the 2nd dispersal of the day when the straw yarded NMR recorded dairy cows and followers were dispersed selling to 1,700gns for a fresh 3rd calver by Overside Dragon and 1,800gns for the October calved heifer by Ballycairn Oman Echo.  Two year old incalf heifers due December sold to 1,300gns with yearlings to 590gns for daughters of Wa-Del Junction and heifer calves to 360gns.


56 Cows & Heifers; £1175.00; 5 Incalf Heifers, £1,220.00; 16 Yearling and Younger, £570.0; 13 Heifer Calves,      £318.00

(Greenslade Taylor Hunt)