Cruelty pair convicted

A farmer and his wife admitted causing unnecessary suffering to cattle at Cirencester magistrates court on Wednesday (25 January) and were fined a total of 25,550.

John Beavis and his wife Inger of Hill Farm, Oxenton, Glos, pleaded guilty to eight and seven charges, respectively, to cruelty to cattle brought by Gloucester County Council Trading Standards.

They both also admitted failing to replace cattle ear-tags, while Mr Beavis confessed to failing to present cattle for tuberculosis testing.

The couple were banned from keeping livestock for 10 years and were ordered to pay a contribution of 30,000 towards the prosecution costs.

Mr and Mrs Beavis, both aged in their 60s, narrowly missed a custodial sentence, having been convicted of animal welfare offences in the past.

In passing sentence the magistrate gave them until August 2006 to sell their stock.