Cull bull secures record price at Sedgemoor Market

Greenslade Taylor Hunt reported a record cull bull price at Sedgemoor Market with a Simmental from Messrs PG ME & SE Harvey securing £1,746.25 (1,270kg at 137.5p/kg).

The auctioneers said stock were beginning to show the effects of the colder weather, and fed cows stood out attracting the premium prices.

There was strong demand for black and whites with a Holstein-Friesian cow from Messrs NR, VJ & IR Parker securing £1,276.43.

Averages and top prices:

Barren cows (164 sold)

Continental Beef  topped 152.5p/kg, averaged at 131.4p/kg with a top price of £1,188

Native Beef topped 159.0p/kg with an average of 127.0p/kg and top price of £1,011.93

Dairy topped at 143,0p/kg with an average of 114.0p/kg and a top price of £1,276.43

Steers (5 sold)

Steers topped at 158.0p/g with an average of 152.14p/kg and a top price of £1074.40

Heifers (5 sold)

Heifers topped at 161.5p/kg with an average of 140.65p/kg and a top price of £873.72

Bulls (5 sold)

Bulls topped at 137.5p/kg with an average of 126.11p/kg and a top price of £1,746.25