Cull ewes still dear in the north

The strong cull ewe trade of recent weeks and months is persisting well in northern markets with yesterday’s sale at Carlisle again recording a top price of £100 for Bluefaced Leicesters from Bolton Park.

Suffolk sired ewes were next best, making £99.50 for Midtown Farm and £98.50 forr Stoneraise. Texels made up to £94.50 for High House, with several lots topping £90/head.

Across at St Boswells trade hit a top of £108 for Texels from John Elliot, Roxburgh Mains, with several pens making in excess of £100, including Suffolks from Huntigdon and more of the same breed from Roxburgh Mains.

And still the big question is whether these prices will feed back into the breeding sales or whether farmers are taking the chance to cash ewes while prices are high and reduce numbers on the back of the strong trade?

As the saying goes; answers one a postcard please, or in this case as a comment….