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Cutting-edge EnduraBol boluses now in stock for farmers

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The Denis Brinicombe Group is a leading family owned and run manufacturing and sales business providing a global customer base with animal health and nutrition solutions for over 40 years.

Leading animal nutrition provider, the Denis Brinicombe Group, has partnered with expert bolus manufacturer, Rumbol Products, to reintroduce cutting-edge cattle bolus technology to the marketplace with the EnduraBol range.

The EnduraBol range, consisting of EnduraBol Cattle and EnduraBol High Iodine, provides a dietetic complementary feedstuff to support, and reduce the risk of nutritional imbalances in grazing and forage fed cattle.

Generally, boluses contain three or four trace elements – copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine, but the EnduraBol range contains a full package of elements and vitamins to ensure productivity and health are maximised.

These additional ingredients include manganese, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E.

Cattle bolusing

Suitable for growing and finishing cattle, or youngstock over 150kg live weight, EnduraBol Cattle is the longest-lasting bolus available, releasing a consistent supply of nutrients up to 240 days/eight months.

Whereas EnduraBol High Iodine provides a sustained release of nutrients for up to 180 days/six months, which is suitable for breeding cattle at pre-calving and pre-bulling, replacement heifers and cattle with known nutritional deficiencies.

The EnduraBol range is now in stock with several agricultural merchants and vet practices across the UK and Ireland and comes in packs of 20 boluses, which allows for treatment of 10 cattle in one quick and efficient application.