Dairy Event and Livestock Show breed results

Taking the Ayrshire championship here at the Dairy Event and Livestock Show was Sandyford Clover 10 from Blaise Tomlinson, a KC Roses Chatter T Red daughter.

TS Ayshire Champ blog.jpg

Heifer champion in the Ayrshires was another from Mr Tomlinson, Acton Saltire Peggy, a Stevenson’s Saltire daughter.

Lifting the honours in the British Friesian lines was Langley Rubin Mary 2 from C J and G R Carenell.

TS British F Champ blog.jpg

Heifer champion was another from the same herd, Langley Brandy Liz 3.

In the Brown Swiss it was Kedar Seattle Glenda from J Lochead, heifer champion was herdmate Kedar Beretta Ossi, a Cimarron Special Beretta.

Dairy Shorthorn champion was Churchroyd Gentle 59 from I R G Collins and Partners, she is an Carrousel Regiment Red daughter. Heifer champion here was Earlsgift Greenleaf 3 from E and M Crank.

Holstein leader was Bassingthorpe Leader Dilys from the Wills family’s Willsbro herd. 

TS Dairy Holstein Champ blog.jpg

Heifer champion was another from Willsbro, Peak Sam Frantoosh.

Jersey champion was Whiteoaks Julian Flower from Emma Murray, she’s a Valleystream Julian Cjcc daughter.TS Jersey Champ blog.jpg

Heifer champion also came from the Windyridge herd and was Trecanda Vindication Lily, a Vindication Cjcc daughter.

TS Dairy Event Heifer Champ blog.jpg