4 easy mistakes to make in the milking parlour

Dairy workers and farmers are experts at what they do, but after a while on the job it can be easy to slip into bad habits in the milking parlour without even noticing.

Here are four areas to make sure you get right to ensure you are getting the best from your milking routine and achieving the maximum efficiencies.

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1. Are you holding the cluster in the correct position prior to attachment?

The cluster should be held level and upside down in the hand prior to attachment. This will ensure each of the short milk tubes are folded over.

If the cluster is held unevenly and the kink is reduced in the short milk tubes, air can get in, increasing attachment time and the chance of detritus being sucked in.  You shouldn’t hear any milk leakage prior to attachment.

2. Are the units hanging correctly on the cow?

The units should hang squarely in all planes after attachment. This will be influenced by the length of the milking tube or milk meter location. For example, if the milking line is too long, it will pull the unit backwards. This will lead to uneven milking.

3. Are you fully extending the ACR cord?

Fully extend the ACR cord once the unit is positioned correctly on the cow. You want the cluster to move with her or uneven milking will occur.

4. Are there any signs of liner slippage?

Are liners squeaking during milking? This could be due to a loose seal forming between the teat and liners as a result of poor cluster positioning, worn liners or incorrect liners.