9 new products to be showcased at Dairy-Tech 2019

After the successful inaugural show last year, Dairy-Tech is back for 2019 and will feature lots of the latest inventions and equipment on the market.

New products at the event will range from feeders and calf housing to fresh apps and on-farm processing and packaging technology.

Here is some of the kit which will be showcased at Stoneleigh on Wednesday 6 February:


Holm & Laue

What is it? Electronic calf feeder unit

The CalfExpert is wi-fi enabled and can feed two different milk replacers simultaneously to two pairs of calves.

The unit can be set up to deliver specific feed quantities for individual calves and will monitor each calf’s drinking behaviour, alerting the operator when the pattern of visits or drinking time changes.

Calf Expert feeder mounted in front of calf pens

Hygiene is central to the design, with milk lines cleaned every five minutes while teats and feeder bowls are sanitised after every contact. The unit can be operated via the CalfExpert app and one station will serve about 140 calves.

Price TBC but H&L estimates €12,000-€14,000 (£10,670-£12,450)

Useful information Holme & Laue website

Contact UK sales manager Gerrit Aanstoot

Germany +49 4331 20 17 40


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Evanza cluster and Clover liner


What is it? Evanza milking cluster with Clover cartridge liner system

The modularised cluster is smaller and its twist-open, twist-close cartridge system makes service time three times faster than with DeLaval’s conventional liner.

The new plastic liner is also more durable, with replacement intervals doubled from 2,500 to 5,000 milkings.

The softer plastic liner collapses around the teat to fit more closely. As a result DeLaval trials have shown 9% increased milk flow, 5% higher yields and milking times cut by 7%.

Cost TBC but estimates suggest the range will start at £160/cluster including liners

Useful information Delaval website

Contact Gary Edwards


029 2077 5800

Direct Dairy

Direct Dairy Holding BV

What is it? On-farm milk pasteurising and packaging system

The fully automatic system dovetails with existing milking robots to add value by selling direct to the public or retailer while improving traceability and de-commoditising milk production.

Artist's impression of integrated dairy

Milk is packaged in 720ml stand-up pouches with a transparent panel and screw cap. Each pouch has information taken from the robot milker showing the exact milking time and information on the individual cow.

Packages of milk that is pasteurised and packed on the farm

Further production information is provided via a QR code. All hardware and umbrella milk brand are used under licence. The farmer is responsible for sales and distribution while DDH promotes this milk to local consumers.

Cost Patents/trademarks €59,000; royalties €990/milking robot/month; royalties/pack €0.14 to €0.17; Hardware €169,000 (single robot system) to €209,000 (two robot system); 18.5m x 7.5m x 4.7m building €95,000-€120,000; installation €10,000-€15,000.

Useful information Direct Dairy Farm website

Contact Andrey Kuteynikov


JFC calf isolation unit

JFC Agri

What is it? Plastic calf isolation unit with slatted base and bunded collection tray.

JFC’s lightweight unit has been designed for easy placement and creates a draught-free isolation area wherever it is needed.

Artist's drawing of calf housing

The unit measures 1.46m x 1m x 1m. It is made of polyethylene, making it robust and simple to clean and disinfect.

A key feature is the slatted base which keeps bedding fresher and reduces bedding material usage. The whole unit sits within a large, removable, bunded tray to collect waste and prevent it from infecting animals nearby.

Cost From £550/unit

Useful information JFC Agri website

Contact 01691 659225


Aber HSG Multi-Species Herbage Mixtures


What is it? Multi-species cutting or grazing mixtures for a resilient sward

The Aber HSG range mixtures contain at least 50% high-ranking Aber High Sugar Grass perennial ryegrasses alongside timothy, white and red clover (legumes), and perennial chicory and plantain (deep-rooted herbs).

The chicory and herbs bring up minerals and moisture from deeper in the soil making leys more resilient to drier conditions.

Herbal ley, half grazed and half ungrazed

The leguminous clovers contribute to soil fertility and reduce the dependence on volatile prices for inorganic fertilisers. The resulting leys are suitable for progressive forage-based dairy businesses, either as part of a rotational grazing platform or as silage leys.

Cost TBC

Useful information Germinal website

Contact 01522 868714

Saber Draft Gate

LIC Automation

What is it? Labour-saving automated three-way draft gate.

The draft gate is linked to the half duplex HDX technology tags used by compliance bodies and supplied by companies such as Allflex.

Readers in the gate can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet app to schedule future and repeated drafts of a single animal or groups of animals.

As the identified animal approaches, the gate system opens or closes to separate it off from the herd. The app can also be set to record heat results, cell counts and milk composition information.

Captured data can also be uploaded to the Cattle Tracing Service.

Cost £13,500/unit plus installation

Useful information LIC Automation website

Contact UK sales Chris Murphy
078819 42443

JobDone App

JobDone/Handley Enterprises

What is it? Staff management and work scheduling app

The JobDone app is a workforce and property management software package using a smartphone as the interface for staff.

Smartphone screens showing Jobdone app

© JobDone

All staff can access information on the farm’s complete record-keeping system for the business, including compliance requirements, health and safety risk assessments and day-to-day scheduling of tasks.

Operators can edit timesheets and assign tasks with an alert system to pass on information across the workforce. The “check in” system ensures all contractors and visitors have acknowledged the H&S policy and biosecurity procedure.

Cost £29.50 for up to three users; additional users £5-£6 each  

Useful information JobDone App website

Contact 01725 552389




What is it? Milk progesterone analysis to provide rapid, reliable fertility data.

Milkalyser offers lab-quality accuracy of oestrus detection by monitoring milk progesterone levels. The compact unit can be retrofitted to the parlour milk line where it measures hormonal changes associated with oestrus in all fertile cows.

Milkalyser plastic box

Samples are collected automatically to predict ovulation and detect oestrus and pregnancy. Any cows suffering fertility or reproductive issues will be be flagged.

Cost £1,000/unit

Useful information Milkalyser website

Contact 01392 927557

Actiphage Rapid bacteria test

PBD Biotech

What is it? PBD Biotech patented test that detects live mycobacteria in milk or blood

Mycobacteria cause Bovine TB and Paratuberculosis (Johne’s disease). The Paratuberculosis bacterium has also been blamed for causing Crohn’s disease in humans.

Glass vials and a packet labelled "actiphage medium"

The Actiphage Rapid test result takes just six to eight hours to confirm rather than weeks under some existing tests, allowing bulk tank samples to be taken before milk enters the food chain.

PBD Biotech is working with a number of UK labs to roll out the technology. Farmers will then be able to send milk samples for testing, while the blood test will require a vet. In the interim, the start-up is working on a case-by-case basis, providing contract testing of samples at its laboratories.

Cost TBC

Useful information PBD Biotech website

Contact 01359 231856


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