April bull proofs: Holstein rankings see new number one

Holstein cow

The Genosource Captain dam Genosource Sabre 3522 © Cogent

The number one genomic sire in April’s proven Holstein bull proof run is Genosource Captain, AHDB Dairy has announced.

One of tranche of new entries to the list, Captain’s genomic Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) is £882. The figure reflects his extreme Predicted Transmitting Abilities (PTAs) for production (1016kg milk, 49.1kg fat) combined with excellent maintenance (-14) and leg health. He has a Lameness Advantage score of +3.0 combined with +0.6 for the newly introduced Digital Dermatitis Index.

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The AHDB pointed out that Captain’s PLI is even more impressive than it appears because a base change has knocked £142 off each bull’s PLI since the last (December 2019) index run.

The average figure is adjusted downwards to reflect the genetic progress made over the past five years, the AHDB explained.

In second place, and another new entry, is FB Kenobi Targaryen with PLI £790. Targaryen is a high protein transmitter (35.9kg, +0.09%), with excellent predicted calf survival (+3.5). Previous top 10 performer Denovo 15158 Admiral moved up to third position and he has become the highest weight of fat transmitter in the top 20 (+50.3kg, +0.24%).

Admiral was also predicted to confer good maintenance (-9) and calving ease (+1.1).

Download the PDF: Young Holstein sires April 2020

Daughter-proven sires

With a PLI of £708, Bomaz AltaTopshot has retained his number one position in the daughter-proven sire rankings. Topshot’s PTAs demonstrate his high weights of milk and protein of 985kg and 33.4kg, respectively, alongside excellent Lameness Advantage (+3) and good udder health (SCC -21, Mastitis -3).

Rising up the genomic list into second place, Westcoast Guarantee (Boastful) has a PLI of £694.

The AHDB said the high PLI figure reflects the bull’s transmission of superb udder health (SCC -22, Mast -4) and fertility (Fertility Index +13.4).

Just below Guarantee on the list is View-Home Littlerock (PLI £677) – the leading improver of daughter lifespan (LS +176 days).

Download the PDF: Proven Holstein sires April 2020

Other breeds

The number one Jersey, River Valley Cece Chrome, has risen from 57th position in the December 2019 ranking, with a PLI of £568.

Chrome’s position is down to PTAs for production (808kg milk, 33.5kg fat and 27.2kg protein) allied to excellent improvement in cell counts (SCC -17) and Lifespan (LS +73 days).

He is also the highest Type Merit Jersey in the top five at TM 1.9.

Danish VJ Raastrup Hihl Gislev (PLI £457) moves up one place to second position, offering high milk quality (0.14% fat, 0.11% protein), the lowest cell counts (SCC -19) in the top five, alongside good daughter fertility (+7.2) and lifespan (+61 days).

British Friesians
The small but stable British Friesian population has seen little change in the ranking, with long-term headliners Catland Caleb and Catlane Cromwell (PLI £346 and PLI £334) taking first and second positions, ahead of the third ranking Lakemead Pinnacle son Inch Patrick, who adds enough daughters to be officially listed, with a PLI of £324.

The top three Ayrshires also remained the same since December 2019. VR Nivalan Fimbe Faabeli with a PLI of £552 took top slot, ahead of VR Gunnarstorp Backen Gobel (PLI £486) and Pell Pers (PLI £447).

Download the PDF: Other breeds April 2020

Spring block calving rankings

The April 2020 Spring Calving Index (£SCI) ranking saw Jersey and Holstein bulls vying for the top position.

Long-standing Danish Jersey success story VJ Tester came out on top with an SCI of £465, reflecting his transmission of high quality milk and low maintenance costs, which he combines with good udder health and daughter fertility.

The former front-runner, Holstein Stantons Most Wanted, is edged into second position with an SCI of £441, offering a far higher milk volume, yet still maintaining positive components with superb udder health and daughter fertility.

Download the PDF: Block calving April 2020