Bluetongue vaccine passes protection to offspring

New research shows cows vaccinated with a BTV-8 bluetongue vaccine passed protection to their offspring.

The study conducted by Merial Animal Health using their inactivated vaccine, BTVPUR ALSap8 found 43% of non-vaccinated cows subsequently gave birth to calves found to be infected with BTV-8 virus. However, none of the calves born from vaccinated cows were shown to be BTV-8 virus positive.

This not only shows BTV-8 virus can be passed from pregnant dams to their offspring but it also provides for the first time clear evidence that vaccination with BTVPUR ALSap8 can prevent that route of transmission, said Merial vet advisor, Brian Rice.

“Transplacental transmission of BTV-8 may be an important mechanism whereby virus can over-winter in cattle herds where midges are not present and highlights the importance of controlling and preventing bluetongue disease through vaccination.”