Carole Caplin apologises for milk production slur

DAIRY FARMERS have received an apology from the Mail on Sunday and its columnist Carole Caplin.

Ms Caplin, former lifestyle adviser to Cherie Blair, was slammed by farming industry bodies after she wrote an article called “Time to wean yourself off milk?” on Jun 19.

In the column she claimed that, among other things, most dairy farmers today fill their cows with growth hormones and antibiotics.

In a letter to the Tenant Farmers Association, the Mail on Sunday said it appeared that Ms Caplin had made a mistake in her column.

“I understand the research she mentioned did not relate to the current UK situation where, as you rightly say, the administration of drugs to dairy cattle is strictly controlled.”

An apology also appeared at the bottom of Ms Caplin’s column in the latest issue of the paper (Sun, Jul 10).