Dairy Event 2009: New products – feeders to anaerobic digesters

Entry level Mech-fiber feeder

To allow producers to take advantage of Keenans new Mech-fiber ration, a new entry model Mech-Fiber feeder is being launched.

The Mech-fiber 300 has a light-touch mixing action and deep body design ensuring all feed material is moving constantly.

The 300 is suited to smaller dairy and beef units with lower numbers of animals and restricted access.

Also a new big bale handling and chopping system will also be available across the mech-fiber range.

  • For more information contact Keenan on 024 7669 8200 or visit the website

Feed treatment enhances nutrient value

A new unique treatment process could lower feed prices for dairy and beef producers this winter.

Bio Protect will protect and enhance the nutritional value of soya, rapemeal and rolled wheat by protecting raw materials and reducing protein degradation or starch fermentation in the rumen.

This means materials treated with the brown viscous feed conditioner can be used to replace more expensive protein or starch sources, resulting in cost savings, without compromising production or animal health, says BOCM PAUL’s Wyn Morris.

The process increases Digestible Undegradeable Protein levels by about 80% for soya and rape. He estimates for a milk producer feeding 1kg of hipro soya a day the savings could be worth 9p a cow a day or about £15/t in feed costs.

The products produced: RapePlus, SoyaPlus and WheatPlus are all available in BOCM PAUL’s compound feeds, straights and blends.

  • For further information contact BOCM Pauls on 01473 556 500 or visit the website

Safety box cuts digester danger

A new safety box, could prevent hazards when servicing and maintaining anaerobic digester mixing systems.

By employing a UTS Safety Service box on the exterior of gas membrane or flat concrete roofed digester fomenters, the hydraulic mixing unit can be safely raised into the service box without opening the gas storage membrane.

Once the mixer is positioned inside the service box, a flexible skirt is lowered into the digestate inside the fermenter, so most gas contained in the fermenter is prevented from escaping. A steel false floor slid into place underneath the mixer, also prevents the operator gaining access to the fermenter.

  • For further information contact 07788 418 318 or visit the website