Dairy Event 2010: Supplement aims to stop metabolic issues in dry cows

A new mineral supplement which targets high performing dry and transition cows could help prevent metabolic problems.

Lifeline Pre-Calver Dairy Mineral reduces the risk of cow metabolic problems and promotes easier calvings, better colostrum quality and livelier calves, according to Rumenco nutritionist Alison Bond.

“It has been formulated for dry cows and heifers from six-weeks pre-calving and costs only 25p a cow a day.”

The supplement also includes nutritional boosters which boost immune function in calves by increasing cow colostrum immunoglobulin content, she explained. “These are beneficial to heifer offspring as colostrum from first calving mothers can be particularly poor quality.”

An XP yeast culture included in the supplement can also help overcome negative energy balance straight after calving by restoring higher dry matter intake as quickly as possible, said Dr Bond.

For more information call 0800 833 675.

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