Dairy Event presents latest machinery lines for livestock producers

Dairy Event 2008



The Dairy Event gave visitors a chance to catch up on the latest equipment for livestock producers. Geoff Ashcroft and John Eveson report from the machinery lines

Faresin Diet FeedersFaresin Feeder

Sharing technology found on its range of telehandlers, Italian manufacturer Faresin has been able to incorporate a four-wheel steering system on its new range of self-propelled diet feeders being brought into the UK by Bonhill Marketing.

Ranging in capacities from 9-26cu m, the Leader range shares the telehandler’s cab, hydraulicFaresin Feeder 2 system and axles to give what is claimed to be the most comfortable cab and most manoeuvrable machine on the market.

Faresin has also chosen to use hydrostatic drives throughout, allowing greater control and fine-tuning of mixing equipment. The Leader range is complemented by a portfolio of vertical and horizontal auger trailed models, offering capacities from 7-46cu m. Prices range from £17,400 up to £85,000.

Kramer 1150

Extending Kramer’s range of compact wheeled loaders is the 1150 model. This 82hp machine is the largest in the firm’s 50-series, and combines a 2.9t payload with a lift height of 3.45m. Kramer

Measuring 2.15m wide and 2.65m in height, the 1150 uses an oil-cooled Deutz engine driving a twin-range hydrostatic transmission.

Self-locking differentials combine with the four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer machine’s 5.9t weight to maximise traction.

Hydraulic quick-change carriage and an auxiliary service are standard, along with a self-levelling attachment carriage and joystick controls. Kramer’s 1150 compact wheeled loader is priced from £35,000.


Albutt displayed this Emily mixer-feeder bucket, aimed at beef producers looking to move into small-scale diet feeding. Albutt

The 2.8cu m grab is said to be suitable for use on a 3t capacity handler and needs one hydraulic service to operate its auger, mixer paddle and grab processes, as an in-cab electric switch allows changeover between functions.

Said to take two minutes to mix a bucketful, the £9000 attachment can feed 50 cows in about 20 minutes, says the firm.


The Verti-Mix 1300 K Double from Strautmann differs from other mixer-feeders on the market with its use of two vertical augers with differing diameters.

Said by the firm to have had no impact on mixing quality, the smaller diameter auger allows the 13cu m machine to be fitted with a narrower axle and wheels alongside-rather than beneath-the mixing Strautmann 2tub.

Greater stability is claimed, while the use of truck-type super single wheels and tyres on a single axle has simplified axle and brake maintenance requirements. Load capacity is the same as conventional twun axle designs. The 1300 Double K costs from £24,000.

Massey Ferguson

Having grasped the latest range of Arctic Cat ATVs with both hands, MF has entered into a joint venture with US equipment maker MTD to extend its groundscare portfolio with the 20MD, a diesel 4wd utility vehicle. Massey Ferguson

Powered by a Perkins three-cylinder 25hp engine, the MF 20MD uses a twin range CVT transmission offering continuously-variable speeds up to 40kph.

Shaft drive to both axles allows independent suspension to be employed. Payload is 400kg, while towing capacity is around the 0.5t mark. Equipped with road lighting and roll bar frame, the MF 20MD costs £8750.

RMH Self-propelled Feeder

RS Agri Business showed the latest generation of the Israeli-built RMH self-propelled diet feeders. This 14cu m machine benefits from a restyled, curved cab offering improved operator comfort and visibility. RMH

A revised chopping head also features on the VSL range, offering a segmented knife design with angled baffle plates to move material into the elevator.

It is a design said to maintain forage quality, and cut down on the mincing effect of the previous cutter head design, says RS. A tined conveyor sits on top of the main intake elevator, to provide a positive feed when dry materials such as hay and straw are incorporated into the ration. The RMH VSL 14 costs £70,000.

Faresin telehandlerFaresin Telehanders

Those faced with the dilemma of choosing which telehandler to buy are now faced with yet more choice, as Bonhill Marketing has acquired the distribution rights for the Italian-built Faresin range.

With 12 models, the line-up offers lift capacities from 2.8 to 4.5t, and lift heights from 6-14m. Of particular interest to livestock farmers could be the 6.28 model. The Faresin range is priced from £42,000 up to £60,000 for the 14m, 4t 14.40 model.