Farmer Focus Livestock: Rain delays drilling progress for Julian Ellis

The wet, mild weather of late has put a stop to the drilling, which got off to a good start, however the cabbage have certainly enjoyed it and are looking well.

I only hope my crop-assured paperwork and sprayer are both looking so well when it comes to the inspection.

Cows are milking as well as can be expected considering they’re still out day and night, but I’m sure like us they are looking forward to the new accommodation being finished. We have now started trying a new protein blend to mix with the barley, as the pellet we were using was quite expensive, which would be ok if it was of a consistent quality. Time will tell how this different product compares.

I must be getting grumpy in my old age. I am finding it annoying reading about the opportunities increasing world population present to agriculture. The figure of 9.5bn by 2050 is often talked about, but there seems to be no mention of whether the world can sustain this level of growth long term.

Does the world intend adding a lean-to or maybe exporting some to the moon. If the later is the case can I suggest we export the people that have promised to get back to me or deliver goods by a given date which don’t seem to materialise.

We have recently taken part in local ploughing and agricultural competitions, managing to come away with second for both silage and straw and even first for the milk. Sadly my lack of practice was reflected in my ploughing, but as they say it’s the taking part that counts and more importantly catching up with the neighbours.

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