Hurry to order your pressed sugar beet pulp

Farmers should place orders for pressed sugar beet pulp as soon as possible to guarantee supplies, says Trident’s Alistair Jackson.

“With the sugar beet campaign at the halfway point, livestock farmers should check forage stocks now to calculate whether additional pressed pulp is required for the winter.”

And with large quantities of wet, acidic grass and maize silages in some regions, there is strong demand for a reliable source of digestible fibre to balance the ration, stimulate intakes and boost milk production.

“Demand during the second half of the sugar beet campaign could well outstrip demand,” warns Mr Jackson.

“The problem for many farmers is that silage volumes have generally been good this year, with clamps still relatively full, so there’s little space to clamp pressed pulp.

“However, come the end of January, space will be available and unless contracts are placed soon, we won’t be able to guarantee supply.”

And improvements in processing has meant the dry matter in pressed pulp is higher than ever at 30%. Prices start at £1.20/kg DM, compared to rolled wheat at about £1.30/kg DM, depending on location and transport costs.