Industry promotes diet benefits in bid to bolster milk sales

The Dairy Council launched a guide this week to highlight the role milk can play in ensuring people consume enough iodine.

Unveiled at Surrey University, the guide follows the release of the controversial government Eatwell Guide, which recommended people should consume less dairy.

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Certain groups of the UK population are classified as mildly iodine deficient, but three portions of dairy can provide 90-100% of the daily requirement for iodine, said Dairy Council director of nutrition Anne Mullen.

The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey indicates that 22% of teenage girls and 10% of women do not obtain adequate iodine from food sources.

“Iodine intake is particularly important for women during pregnancy and for young children since it contributes to growth and brain development,” said Ms Mullen.

The Dairy Council’s comments echoed those of Dairy UK chief executive Judith Bryans at a recent European Dairy Association policy conference in Brussels.

“The dairy food group has outstanding sustainability credentials and we should not be afraid to showcase them,” Dr Bryans told listeners.

“From nutrient-richness to environmental impact, from health benefits to affordability, dairy products tick every single box and few other food groups can say the same so confidently.”

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