Make use of antibiotics

COWS WITH metritis have poorer appetites and lower yields and are more at risk of other problems such as mastitis, says vet Andrew Biggs, of the Vale Vet Lab in Devon.

He believes many milk producers avoid treating post-calving infections with injectable antibiotics because of the cost of withholding milk.

However, he points out there are now injections on the market with a zero withdrawal period.

“Producers can now confidently treat cows without fear of an antibiotic milk failure,” says Mr Biggs.

He also recommends routine fertilty visits from a vet to check all cows after calving. In his experience, they uncover a surprising number of apparently normal cows that actually have a uterine infection.

“Heifers are particulaly prone to uterine infections, but early treatment can help them deal with low-grade infections and they come up in milk more rapidly.”

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