New feed products will help dairy cows

A host of new products for the dairy sector are being launched at this year’s Livestock Event on 8 and 9 July at the NEC, Birmingham. Here’s a brief look at some of the feed products ahead of the event.

Balanced protein source to help boost yields and fertility


A new balanced protein source from dairy cows that combines slow-release nitrogen, plus high-quality protein and a range of essential amino acids could help increase feed intakes in the dry period.

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Rumagen from Alltech combines two of the company’s existing products; DEMP and Optigen 2:1.

The  product has been designed to provide a steady supply of nitrogen to the cow by mixing rumen degradable protein and microbial protein sources.

Fed during the transition period, Rumagen has been shown to increase feed intakes and lead to a 5.7 litre increase in peak yields. Milk fat also increases.

Graeme Smith from Alltech says the resultant increase in milk yield, at a milk price of 25ppl, equated to a 10:1 return on investment from using Rumagen.

Find out more on the Alltech stand, AH119.

Protected methionine to help protein efficiencies


An encapsulated, amino acid product could help improve protein use by the cow, increase milk protein levels and reduce nitrogen losses to the environment.

Ruminox from Kemin is an encapsulated, sustained release methionine product. Hugo Marfleet, sales manager for Kemin, says the product helps deliver methionine where the cow needs it, in the intestine.

“Methionine is one of the key amino acids linked to milk production. It helps increase milk protein levels and improves efficiency of protein utilisation. Cows are also in better condition, which contributes to reproductive performance,” he says.

Feeding protected methionine could also allow for lower crude protein diets to be fed.

For more information, visit stand FF226