Questions answered on new movement recording

From today (1 August), there will be a change in the way cattle producers record cattle movements.

Chequebook-style cattle passports will now be replaced by a one-page A4 passport in England, Scotland and Wales, and will no longer include pre-paid movement cards.

As a result, all cattle movements will have to be recorded either online through the CTS website, via farm software packages or through an automated self-service phone line. However, the rules regarding recording births, deaths and movements remain unchanged. Producers will still need to report all movements to The British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) within three days and keep their farm records up to date.

Over the next few weeks, BCMS will be on hand to answer any of your questions regarding the changes to the way cattle movements are recorded. Post your question on our forums and we’ll get a response for you.

• You can also find out more about how and why the changes have been made.

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