Dalton ID launch new EID sheep tag

Dalton ID has launched a new DEFRA-approved EID version of the Rototag for sheep and lambs.

The I-Rototag is available on its own for lambs moving to slaughter or together as a set with the original Rototag.

The company’s managing director Daniel Brierley said: “With more than 100 million supplied to many breed societies around the world, the Rototag is produced from lifetime nylon and is quick to fit with no blood or fuss.

“By overcoming some real technical challenges, we managed to make an EID version that is ultra lightweight and made from the same material. Mechanically and dimensionally it’s almost identical to a standard Rototag, with only the female EID part that sits inside the ear being slightly thicker.”

For more information, visit www.tags4u.com.

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