Demand for quality in calf heifers pushes £1000 average

Who says the dairy industry is going through a struggle?

I know it appears rather depressing just how many sale dispersals I seem to be blogging on, but demand for buying the best cows and in calf heifers is exceeding all expectations I feel!

I’ve just been chatting with a guy in Bristol who’s phone went red hot the minute word got out he had some 38 in-calf Holstein heifers for sale – there he was thinking they might hit £850, £900 perhaps at a push, but he’s averaged over £1000 a head.

Mind you, he tells me he had a little help from his AI technician who seemed to be doing most of the selling for him before hand!

But it did help all the heifers were in-calf to sexed semen, something he feels has been a great selling point for him. “I’ve even had guys ringing from Irealnd enquiring if we have any more!”.