Devon County sees Blue reign supreme for first time ever!

A Belgian Blue bull made history last week by becoming the first of its breed to win the supreme championship at the Devon County Show.

Richpill Thomas, a five-year old bull owned by Gail and David Ellis, took the breed championship at last year’s Devon and Royal Cornwall Shows, and will head to the Royal Cornwall and Royal Show later this year.


Sired by Arlequin Du Pre Rosine, Tom was bought at 18 months old from Carlisle. He works on the Ellis’s pedigree Limousins at Trevarrack Farm, Lelant, Cornwall, to produce commercial cross-breds. “He has great size and locomotion, which Belgian Blues don’t often have,” said interbreed judge and suckler producer John Jeffrey. Reserve champion was the Charolais heifer Little Bovey Vogue, owned and bred by Henry and Emma Vooght. “She is a big, tall, showy heifer who is very classy and I’m sure she’ll grow into a great cow,” said Mr Jeffrey.

In the dairy classes Roland Ley of W H Ley and Partners’ Holstein cow Thuborough Flora 44 Ex 92 continued her winning streak, after claiming the interbreed championship at the Devon County Show in 2005 and the Royal Cornwall Show last year. In her fourth lactation, Flora is giving 55kg a day, after calving twins in early March. “It has been a lot of work to get her back in shape,” said Roland Ley.


S & S Murray Farms’ Jersey cow Whiteoaks Julian Flower scooped the reserve spot, at her first show just six days after having been halter trained.

Another record was broken in the pig rings, where Oxford and Sandy Black sow Cwmnanthir Cynthia XVII took the interbreed title for the second year running. “This sow is exceptional,” said judge Peter Reeder. Owners Maureen and Andy Case will take her to the Bath and West Show later in the month. Runner-up was Sue Fildes’ Berkshire gilt Peverell Suzanne 4.


Chagford-based John and Diana Jordan also continued their run of successes from last year, scooping the interbreed sheep championship with their aged North Country Cheviot ram, bought from Lockerbie sales last autumn. “He has a star quality,” said judge Eve Webber. “He walks as if he owns the showground.”


Father and daughter team Derrick Daffurn and Jennifer Curtis took the reserve spot with homebred Charollais shearling ram, Elmwick G4.


Interbreed E A and D A Ellis’s Belgian Blue bull Richpill Thomas; res, H Vooght’s Charolais heifer Little Bovey Vogue.

Interbreed Group Aberdeen Angus; res, British Limousin.

Interbreed Pair Aberdeen Angus; res, Devon.

Devon Heywood and Hurd’s bull Whitefield Centurion; res, A J Thomas’s bull Bollowal Nimrod.

South Devon R R B and S J Harvey’s bull Sexton Conqueror 83; res, S Day’s cow Keaton Rosebud 52.

Aberdeen Angus C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil; res, C J and J L M Hutchings and Sons’ cow Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.

Dexter B T Stamp and M Y Amil’s Morwith Melanie; res, M P Laing’s heifer Saltaire Baize.

Hereford P and M Richman’s bull Fisher I Cartwright; res, R F Bailey’s bull Llancillo Hall Benefactor 6.

Murray Grey S Harrow’s bull Waterfield Perry; res, S Harrow’s heifer Waterfield Melba 2.

Beef Shorthorn L E P Farms’ heifer Meonhill Blythesome Jenny; res, LEP Farms’ heifer Meonhill Zeus.

Any Other Pure Beef Breed A and M Austin’s Saler cow Morwenstow Jasmin 6; res, Trehudreth Farm’s Lincoln Red heifer Donington Diana H28.

British Blonde P J Holman and P M Williams’ cow Cosden Twilight; res, J E Harvey’s heifer Hillhead Vivila.

British Belgian Blue E A and D A Ellis’s bull Richpill Thomas; res, E C Haste’s cow Chancellors Sooty.

British Charolais H Vooght’s heifer Little Bovey Vogue; res, P Old’s bull Moynton Baguera.

British Limousin P Greed’s heifer Killerton Alice; res, N and L Hill’s bull Quaish Bingo.

British Simmental P Lally’s bull Corkskie Radium; res, D B Mills’ cow Wishful Lavender.


Interbreed W H Ley and Partners’ Holstein cow Thuborough Flora 44; res, S and S Murray Farm’s Jersey cow Whiteoaks Julian Flower.

Interbreed Group Jersey; res, Holstein.

Interbreed Pair Holstein; res, Jersey.

Ayrshire East Church Ayrshires’ heifer East Church Stans Brown Girl; res, East Church Ayrshires’ cow East Church Robbies Blossom.

Guernsey M and R Dunn’s cow Rosewood Donna; res, M J and C E Greenslade’s cow Greensfield Pink Lady.

Holstein W H Ley and Partner’s cow Thuborough Flora 44; res, TA & AJ Reed’s cow Osco Charles Amanda 12.

Jersey S and S Murray Farm’s cow Whiteoaks Julian Flower; res, S & S Murray (Farms) Ltd’s cow Danish BF Lemuig Kyla DJHB.


Interbreed W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot ram; res, D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s British Charollais ram.

Interbreed Group Black Welsh Mountain; res, British Charollais.

Interbreed Pairs British Charollais; res, North Country Cheviot.

Grey Face Dartmoor V Pratt’s ram; res, S James’s shearling ewe.

Devon Closewool W J Ley’s ram; res, R J and P Burge’s ewe lamb.

Devon & Cornwall Longwool J A Darke’s ram; res, Mr and Mrs Lukehurst’s yearling ewe.

Dorset Down W D Burrough and Sons’ shearling ram; res, W D Burrough and Sons’ shearling ewe.

Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset Tucker and Jesse’s shearling ewe; res, C and T Clarke’s ram.

Exmoor Horn R F Clark’s ram lamb; res, T Atkins and Sons’ yearling ewe.

Hampshire Down A J Carter’s shearling ram; res, C J Westlake’s ram lamb.

Jacob B M Wilson’s shearling ram; res, B M Wilson’s shearling ewe.

Rouge De L’Ouest Garlic Ltd’s ram; res, Garlic Ltd’s shearling ewe.

Ryeland Cagedale Ryelands’ ram; res, R P Wear’s ewe.

Scotch Black-Faced P Cornelius’s ram; res, K and J Heard’s yearling ewe.

Suffolk S K Elsworthy’s shearling ewe; res, C E Irwin’s aged ewe.

Shetland J Curtis’ shearling ram; res, G and M Wakeling’s shearling ewe.

Texel F H Chave and Sons’ aged ram; res, E W Quick and Sons’ aged ram.

White Face Dartmoor P G Abel’s pair of yearling ewes; res, P G Abel’s shearling ram.

British Charollais D F Daffurn and J Curtis’s ram; res, S J Parish’s shearling ewe.

Lleyn G N and P A Martin’s shearling ewe; res, R H S Turner’s shearling ram.

Berrichon Du Cher Woodstons Manor Partnership’s aged ewe; res, M C and K D Yeo’s ram lamb.

Bluefaced Leicester H P Havill’s shearling ram; res, H P Havill’s shearling ewe.

Beltex Marshall Farms’ ram; res, L Moorhouse’s shearling ewe.

Border Leicester M J and V M Pile’s female; res, M J and V M Pile’s ram.

Black Welsh Mountain J Patterson’s shearling ewe; res, L E Cockerill’s ram.

British Primitive & Rare Breeds H and C Burrough’s Southdown shearling ewe; res, J A Gamblin’s Galway ram.

Any Other Pure Breed W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot ram; res, W J Jordan’s North Country Cheviot shearling ewe.

Commercial J A Darke’s Suffolk crosses; res, D J Churchill’s Rouge crosses.


Interbreed A and M F Case’s Oxford and Sandy Black sow Cwmnanthir Cynthia XVII; res, S Fildes’ Berkshire sow Peverell Suzanne 4.

British Lop J Collings’ boar Liskeard Charles 19; res, M V Hicks’s gilt Windmill Excelsa.

British Saddleback J Newth’s gilt Prestcombe Silver Wings 25; res, J Newth’s female Prestcombe Dinah 45.

Gloucestershire Old Spot M V Hicks’s gilt Windmill Dolly 2; res, M V Hicks’s boar Windmill Gerald 25.

Landrace and Welsh J Collings’ gilt Clowen Model 6; res, J Collings’ boar Clowen James 1.

Large White J Newth’s female Prestleigh Beryl 5; res, S J Loveless’s gilt Port Bredy Maple Leaf.

Large Black P G Snell and Sons’ female Sock Doreen 161; res, B J Card’s boar Westerly Majestic Eagle 386.

Berkshire S Fildes’ female Peverell Suzanne 4; res, S Fildes’ boar Dittisham Ambassador 7.

Middle White & Tamworth I A D Todd’s gilt Smallicombe Fair Lady 17; res, I A D Todd’s boar Smallicombe Sovereign.

Oxford & Sandy Black A and M F Case’s sow Cwmnanthir Cynthia XVII; res, D R Norman’s boar Dinedor Alexander.

Pig of the Year J Newth’s British Saddleback gilt Prestcombe Silver Wings 25; res, B J Card’s Large Black boar Westerly Majestic Eagle 386.