Devons at Taunton sell for £2713 to new buyers

A cow and calf outfit made the top price of £2713 when the Hadrelaila herd of Devon cattle was dispersed in Devon for Ian Sargeant.

Buyer Mike Cowell, Dolton claimed the top priced pair – the 1999-bred cow Halsbury Lily 95th and her March-born heifer calf. Lily, by Halsbury Magnet, was in calf again and will become one of the foundation females in Mr Cowell’s new herd.

Crediton buyers G and E Hosegood are also new to the Devon ranks and paid £1848 for Passaford Fleur 5th and her February-born heifer calf. Maiden heifers reached £1787 for a March 2006-bred daughter of Bollowal Rondo taken by Adrian and Emma Rockley, Launceston, Cornwall.

Averages: 30 spring calving cows £1334; 15 autumn calving heifers £992; four in-calf heifers £1110 and seven maiden heifers £611. (Kivells).