Dorset Downs sell to £441 at Alec Walter’s flock dispersal


dorset down web.JPGAn outstanding example of this now rare native breed set the ringside buzzing at the reduction sale of Alec Walter’s Dorset Down flock at Dorchester.


A ewe born in 2008, scanned with twins for December having already produced the flock’s senior stud ram, eventually sold at £441 to Abergavenny based breeders D and V Fletcher.


Valerie Fletcher said this was an exceptional ewe which would start a new family in their 30 strong Diamond show flock which has produced many champions.


It was a senior ewe that captured the next spot at £399 secured by vet Paddy Gordon, Shepton Mallet to start a new flock. Then three calls of £378 secured  senior, flock and shearling ewes from Dr Jane McMinn(Calcott) Stourbridge and David Wilkins(Rampisham) Beaminster.


The 51 head readily found new homes with buyers in attendance from throughout the UK. Official Auctioneer Andrew Lane said the selection of ewes were a credit to both Alec Walters and the breed.


 “Having been involved with the breed for a short while, I can see a very bright future for these sheep producing terminal sires for commercial flockmasters needing to finish lambs at 20-22 kgs off grass”.


 “The stud ram here was a total meat machine which had not been fed concentrates to create his heavy muscling. The breed is easy fleshing and finishing essential for current prime lamb production. We have to produce meat off grass now as cereal prices prevent profitable production”.


Averages: Aged ewes £262, Flock ewes £352, Shearling ewes £297, Empty ewes £151. (Andrew Lane)