Double dispersal sale sees top price of 4200gns

The Holstein, Millons Victoria 22, sold for the top price of 4200gns at The York Auction Centre last week.


This second lactation VG-88 cow, by Summershade Inquirer is in calf to Picston Shottle and sold to Peter Waring, Cherry Burton, Beverley.


She was sold as part of the dispersal sale of the milking portion of David Barnes’s, Millons herd.


His herd was one of two Yorkshire herds ceasing milk production and up for dispersal at the sale, the second of which was Geoff and Richard Wilkinson’s Corpslanding herd.


A second calver from the Corpslanding herd, went for the next best price of 2450gns.


Corpslanding Shottle Daisy 315 is a Shottle second calver and sold to R Naylor and Sons, IIkley.


At the next best money was Millons Applause 23, which sold for 2400gns to G and A G Parker.


Four entries shared the next best price of 2200gns. Two of which were from the Corpslanding Herd.


Corpslanding Rubens Rotha 15 was snapped up by J S Pate from Romancroft and Corpslanding Outside Popsy 211 went to B Danforth, Richmark for the same money.


Millons Applause 23 and Millons Selina 24 also sold for the same price to G and A G Parker.




92 cows and calved heifers; £1532.54, 10 served heifers; £1708.35, Total; 147 head; £1549.78



43 cows and calved heifers; £1502.23, 2 served heifers; £1995.00, Total; 45 head; £1524.13

(Norton and Brooksbank)