Eager buyers for breeding cattle forces sale to top £2400

Eager buyers but fewer cattle forward at Friday’s sale of breeding cattle, Carlisle resulted in a solid trade and a top price of £2400.   


Leading the sale at £2400 and £2250 was a Limousin cow and calf at foot forward from Messrs Stevenson of Howgill Foot.

Next in the money were two bids of £2200 and another at £2150 for a run of cows and calves with heifers from Messrs Towers, Colt Park, with 10 outfits averaging £1758


A consignment of four British Blue heifers and calves forward from Messrs Dickinson of High Knipe topped at £2100 for a British Blue and averaged £1925.


Breeding bulls met a tremendous trade with a pedigree British Blue topping the trade at £3570 from Parkhouse Farming Co Ltd, Aikton, Wigton


Leading prices:-

Cows & Calves: Limousin £2400, £2250 Howgill Foot. British Blue £2150 Colt Park. Aberdeen Angus £980 Cringleber Farm, £980 Campingholm. Hereford £950 Cringleber Farm.

Heifers & Calves: Limousin £2200, £1900 Colt Park, £1920 Prospect Farm, £1880 High Dubwater. British Blue £2200, £1900 Colt Park, £2100, £2000, £1950 High Knipe  

In calf Heifers: British Blue £1700 Howgill Farm. Limousin £1380(x2) 2 Farm Cottages.

In calf cows: British Blue £1500 Howgill Foot, £1400 Kinkry Hill.

Breeding Bulls: British Blue £3570 Parkhouse. Limousin £2835 Glebe Farm, £1785 Hartlaw. Charolais £2625 Laverock Bridge, £1890 Holme House. Simmental £1627.50 Parton Farm


(Harrison and Hetherington)