Ear tags continue to baffle James Read

The mules have scanned out at over 200%. This makes a change from the fat lazy Scotch Half Breds that I used to lamb, scanning well under that. The mules have been brought in from up country to down country, which will have helped.

I am still having terrible problems with infected ear tags in the ewe lambs, not good when you’re selling shearlings as part of your business. I would love to give the “Pat Butcher” look to whoever dreamt up this idea of double tagging by sticking a couple of plastic tags in their ears.

With the mules scanning out so well, I am now scratching my head about a good feeding regime.

I went to an NFU meeting pre-Lamma and listened to Sir Peter Kendall. My take on it was that I think he is the ideal man for the job.

I get 30 or so Herdwick weathers from my good friend and mentor Thomas Longton each year to train my young dogs on. They are very submissive, ideal for young dogs.

Tom my young pup (By Aled Owen’s Mac) is quite a handful; he gets too close to his sheep and also likes the taste of quad tyres. I have found a rolled-up old copy of Farmers Weekly thrown in the direction of the dog normally sets them back off their sheep and of course quad tyres. I don’t know what puts more grey hair on my head, farming or training young sheepdogs.

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