Early Smithfield cattle results

Firstly, a quick apology, sorry for not getting any results to you guys back home this morning, I’ve been caught up dressing and showing lambs.

But I’ve now caught with events in the cattle classes and can bring you an early selection of results.

In the South Devon classes the heifer class went to Hillwood Estate with Aldbourne Chase Audrey 46, while second was Will Radmore with Penrose Gusty.

The South Devon steers were split on weight with the opening class going to N and E Bunkum with Freddie Mac, second was R Clemens with Tiny. The heavier class was taken by R Rundle with Kestle Sampson and second was N and E Bunkum with Wombat.

The class for Sussex heifers went to Jason and Sarah Wareham with Coopers Daffodil, while second spot was clinched by Messrs Mann and Isted with Hurmanswell Lock Heedless 1.

Among the Welsh Blacks the best was Elfed Williams’ heifer Cwmcynog Katey, second, meanwhile, was Elfed again, this time with a steer Cwmcynog Thumper.

In the Aberdeen Angus section the heifer class went to M Kingston with Woopee and second were Rachel Wylie and Richard Hassel with Marmite.

The first of the Angus steer classes went to M and H D Currie with Diamond Geezer and second was Oxon Amatures with Obama.

In the second Angus class leading the way were Messrs A and C Bishop with Dontwanto and second was Oxon Amatures again with Barry Black. The third class also went to Messrs Bishop with Bumptious, while second was Oxon Amatures again with Tzvangirai.

In those sired by a Devon the heifer class went to R Rundle with Kestle Delilah, second was R Clemens with Bluebell.

The Devon steers were lead by E D Roper with Forde Abbey Gladiator, second was J and R Stanbury with Smarty.

For the Herefords it was Forde Abbey Farm that led the way with Jargin in the heifer class, with the same exhibitors second with Forde Abbey Forgetmenot.

The first Hereford steer class was taken by Nexbitt Farms and they also took second spot here too.

The heavier steer class went to F W Cook and Son with Ruth, while seconf was the same exhibitor with Brian.

Lincoln Red heifers were led by Trehudreth Farm with Trehudreth Beth and they also took second with Trehudreth Doll.

The Lincoln Red steer class was won by Michael Read with Hemingby Cupid, while second was Trehudreth Farm with Trehudreth Denzilpenberthy.

For the AOB native heifers the leader was Sue Harrow with Murray Grey cross Frosti and second was Otter and Company with another Murrey Grey cross Ashrose Elizabeth 19.

In the AOB native steers it was Mike and Melanie Alford who took top spot with Galloway Super Ted, while second was Sue Harrow with Murrey Grey Waterfield Dark Elder.

For the heavier AOB native steers the top ticket went to Harvey Cattle with their Galloway Twice as Nice, while second was Michael Read with Lincoln Red Hemingby Classic.

That’s it for now, but I’ll bring you the Continental cross results and pictures in due course….