Earn CPD points with new course on sheep parasites

Parasites in sheep can be a huge drain on farm profits, causing carcass rejections, low production rates and poor flock health and welfare. 

By recognising the signs of parasitic infestation, farmers can implement treatment plans to make sure their flocks are healthy and productive. 

Farmers Weekly’s latest course uses independent content and expert insights to help producers do just that.  

Read the articles and answer the quiz questions correctly and you can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points awarded by The Register of Sheep Advisers (RoSA). 

The course, “How to detect, treat and prevent endoparasites in sheep deals with parasites that infest animals’ internal organs, such as fluke and coccidiosis. 

The modules include: 

  • A guide to managing fluke on your sheep farm 
  • How to control gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and cattle 
  • What is haemonchus and how to prevent and treat it 
  • How to prevent tapeworm from damaging sheep carcasses 
  • Hydatid disease in sheep: What it is and how to prevent it 
  • How to treat and prevent coccidiosis in lambs  

For further RoSA CPD points you can also take the course How to detect, treat and prevent ectoparasites in sheep . 

The modules cover pests that live on a sheep’s skin, including the widespread and highly infectious sheep scab mite.  

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