East of England pig results

Interbreed D Finch’s Welsh boar Siskin Emperor; res, J R and L M Wreakes’ British Saddleback sow Victoria Lottie 306

Champion Pair B Merry’s Middle Whites; re, B Merry’s Berkshires

British Lop M and E Edgar’s boar Bakers Charles 8; res, M and e Edgar’s gilt Bakers Harmony 29

Welsh Brooksby Melton College’s breeding sow Brooksby Empress 8; res, D Finch’s boar Siskin Emperor

Any Other White Breed of Pig A W Wells’ Large White gilt Poplarburn Greta 87; res, S Ashcroft’s Large White boar Barlings Danny

Gloucester Old Spot C Knight’s gilt Alsa Princess; res, C knight’s gilt Alsa Princess Joan

Large Black P E churchyard’s sow Breckles Jewel 87th; res, P E Churchyard’s gilt Breckles Black Lady 4th

British Saddleback J R and L M Wreakes’ sow Victoria Lottie 306; res, J r and L M Wreakes’ gilt Victoria Lottie 398

Any Other Coloured Breed of Pig S Ashcroft’s Berkshire boar Barlings Freight Train; res, B Merry’s Berkshire gilt Barlings Stonebow

Commercial classes P D and G S Mortimer’s single bacon pig; res, A and P Schofield’s gilt