East of England Show 2011: individual beef champions

Aberdeen Angus

Mr A J Brown’s bull Hawstead Lodge Peter; res, Mr A J Brown’s heifer, Hawstead Lodge Pamela J250


Beef Shorthorn

Mr H Horrell’s bull, Trojan of Craigeassie; res, L E P Farm’s heifer, Chapelton Gem J3040


British Blue

Mr M Jones’ heifer, Graymar Electra; res, Mr D H Plested’s bull, Cromwell Flash.


British Charolais

Rupert Taylor Ltd’s heifer, Graywood Echo; res, J R and V A Webb’s bull, Newroddige Bruno


British Simmental

Mr G Green’s cow, Greenfields Welcome; res, Mr P B, Mrs J A and Miss B Borlase’s cow, Sacombe Rosemary-Bouquette


British White

Croxton Park Partnership’s cow, Croxton Park Bramble; res, Mr A Fisher’s heifer, Nidderdale Hot Lips.



Miss F Woollatt’s heifer, Blakesley 1 Funfair; res, Mr I C Markham’s bull, Glenmore 1 Steeler



Misses E and F Dale’s heifer, Baravall Bhuidhe of Easton; res, Mrs T Noy’s heifer, Morag 1st of Stanford



Mr D C Wharton’s cow, Withersdale Empress; res, D A Williams’ bull, Wilodge Fastrac



Mr and Mrs J W Stanley’s bull, Blackbrook Sabre; res, D and A Blockley’s heifer, Southfield Jade


Red Poll

Miss J Broughton’s cow, Nobodys All Spice; res, N P Foster and Partners’ bull, Canute Orange Bombadier


South Devon

W J Wright and Son’s bull, Oxey Starbuster; res, Mr O Brewin’s heifer, Northview Clover 1st


Any Other Breed

Moores Livestock’s cow, Doncombe Vientta; res, Moores Livestock’s heifer, Doncombe Fougere