Easycare sell to 1200gns top at Penrith

Topping last week’s sale of Easycare sheep at Penrith was a ram lamb from Bruce Goldie, Townfoot, Dumfries.

Best in the shearling rams was a 900gns for another from Townfoot, while an aged ram from the same home sold for 300gns.

Best bid in the shearling ewes was a 95gns call for a pen from Messrs Adams and Sons, Northampton, while ewe lambs reached 70gns for D Thomas, Anglesey.

Averages; aged rams £130.03, shearling rams £216.64, ram lambs £297.11, aged ewes £77.58, shearling ewes £94.34 (Penrith and District Farmers Mart).