Edenhurst Charolais dispersal tops 17,800gns

The dispersal of the Edenhurst Charolais herd on behalf of Peter and Vanessa Vasey, from Wetheral, Cumbria, grossed in excess of £437,000 and topped at 17,800gns when animals went under the hammer at Borderway Mart, Carlisle, on the weekend (3 October).

The top price of 17,800gns was paid for the four-year-old cow Edenhurst Georgette TI +52 SRI +54 and her five-month-old heifer calf Edenhurst Lisette, sired by the 10,000gns former herd sire Ratoary Ferguson. Georgette is a daughter of the 30,000gns Dingle Hofmeister and is out of a Oldstone Egbert dam. This pair was the pick of AJ Stott, Canobie, Dumfriesshire.


Next to go for a total of 14,100gns was the six-year-old cow Edenhurst Emerald and her nine-month-old twin bull calves. Emerald, a Mowbraypark Paramount daughter was purchased by RDA Morrow, Coleraine, Co Derry. Her twin calves by Ratoary Ferguson went to different homes in Dumfriesshire. Edenhurst Jake was purchased by A Brown and Co, Crocketford, for 3,300gns and Edenhurst Josh headed home with AV Hamilton and Co, Thornhill, at 3,200gns.


DT and M Stobart, Carlisle, Cumbria, bought a cow and twin heifer calves for their grandson Harry for 12,200gns. The six-year-old Genus Houblon daughter Edenhurst Emma sold with her twin five-month-old daughters Edenhurst Lily and Lulu at foot, sired by the herd sire Sandelford Harrison. The Stobarts also purchased the 17-month-old heifer Edenhurst Jemma, by Dingle Hofmeister, for 5,200gns.


The stock bull Sandelford Harrison by the 14,000gns Goldies Usher was next along at 12,000gns. He was snapped up by E Harrison and Sons, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Next best at 11,100gns was the eight-year-old cow Edenhurst Casandra, by the homebred sire Edenhurst Titus. The buyer at 5,700gns was Claire Clapp, Tiverton, Devon. Her 11-month-old daughter by Ratoary Ferguson went home with David Ross, Hartfield, East Sussex, for 5,400gns.

Mr Ross went on to purchase another 22 lots to re-establish a Charolais herd at the previous home of the Cullum herd owned by Shelia McAlpine in the 1960s.

His top priced lot at 6,600gns was the four-year-old Dingle Hofmeister daughter Edenhurst Grace and her seven-month-old daughter Edenhurst Lace sired by Ratoary Ferguson.

Gilbert Crawford, Maghera, Co Down, purchased a total of seven lots including the three-year-old Edenhurst HRH by Dingle Hofmeister and her two month old bull calf Edenhurst Lightning sired by Ratoary Ferguson at 8,000gns.

Mr Crawford also bought Border Festival, a six-year-old daughter of the reserve Highland Show champion Edenhurst Cognac for 4,300gns and her Ferguson sired bull calf Border Jamboree sold to Billy Turner, Ripon, North Yorkshire for 3,800gns.

Edenhurst Interlude, a 21 month old daughter of Ratoary Ferguson, was next to sell for 8,000gns to Claire Ferris, Millisle, Co Down.

At the same price was the six year old cow Edenhurst Elegance by Dingle Hofmeister and her two month old daughter Edenhurst Ladyjane, which went to Darlington, Co Durham with Robert Jones, who also purchased the five year old Edenhurst Felicity by Edenhurst Cognac and her Ratoary Ferguson sired daughter Edenhurst Jenna for 7,200gns.

Averages: 54 cows with calves, £5,678; four in-calf cows, £2,993; six in-calf heifers, £3,395; 15 maiden heifers, £4,438; one stock bull, £12,600; five yearling bulls, £3,234; and two bull calves, £1,785.

(Harrison and Hetherington).